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Background. Art in the Garden was a brand new outdoor event being held in Gembrook. There was no logo other than an illustration the

Committee wanted to incorporate. The event was being run by CART, a new Art Association also with no branding or brand awareness. 

The event was already locked in to run at two venues, with 500 mtrs distance separating them. One location was indoor & the other outdoor.

The event would cost to attend by exhibitors & visitors to cover event running costs and unknown funding, if any was to be available.

We had to work within a small budget to meet challenging objectives. The Art in the Garden had to attract enough exhibitors and visitors

to cover the event costs.


Through planning we developed outcomes & objectives for the event and over arching Communications Strategy every aspect/component

of Art in the Garden had to meet. It was also imperative we were SMART about what we were trying to achieve.

Each of of the goals & objectives had to be Simple, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic & Timebound.


To build brand awareness for the new CART association by attracting artists to exhibit at Art in the Garden and become members of CART.

To support current members. To raise funds for the association through exhibitor costs & membership take-up.

To hold an event that could pay its way.

Promotion of their business/association/group and visual arts offering. To network with other artists in the region. 

To enjoy and participate in a variety of art and other event experiences on offer. To meet visitors expectations and for the event to be

recognised as value for money.

The opportunity/point of difference to appeal & attract exhibitors to participate and visitors to attend was the nature & location of the event -

ART in the GARDEN. For the project team, it was how do we bring this to life.

How we implemented the 8 P's. Point of difference, partnerships/people, product, price, place, promotion,

perception and measured performance.

* Developed a brand identity for Art in the Garden that was consistently applied across all promotional material.

* Included free activities, workshops, demonstrations & themed experiences to promote exhibitors, encourage visitation and communicate

   a 'value for money' family event.

* CART developed its own brand identity, website & opened a Facebook page to promote the event and exhibitors attending.

* Built a database of artists in the region for the event and future marketing by CART.

* Offered exhibitors a discount by becoming a member of CART.

* Developed an online application & terms & condition form on the CART website for ease of use and administration.

* Utilised artists within and known to CART to design the brand identity for Art in the Garden and keep costs to a minimum in return for

   individual promotion.

* Engaged volunteers to help run the event and had Chisholm hospitality & tourism students involved to gain practical experience. 

  Engaged members from the local business group to run the food & wine stalls. Engaged the local Children's Early Centre to run the

  children's activities/also providing cross promotion for their service.

* Communicated clearly on the Event Program where to redeem your ticket and start your Art in the Garden experience.

* Communicated on the Event program where stalls and activities were located.

* Offered a free shuttle service between both venues.

* Created a visual centre display inside the closed Venue to showcase a sneak preview of the artists set-up at the outside garden venue.

* We promoted the event in stages through local papers, Visit Victoria, social media and online.

* Measured the success of the Event through ticket sales, feedback/testimonials. 

* The Art in the Garden Event returned a profit. 

* Established a new open air Hills Art Market that runs the 2nd Saturday of every month in Emerald.