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What is a Brand?

Most business think this is just your logo. Your logo makes up one component only of your branding & brand identity for your business.

In most instances your logo is what consumers first make contact with and it needs to reflect the heart & soul of your business.

However, it doesn't stop here. Consumers connect with brands physically & emotionally. Successful brands take consumers on a journey using branding to create context and meaning, communicate their unique point of difference and leave a lasting impression.

It is vital to identify a tangible point of difference when developing your brand identity, and be able to apply and demonstrate this across the

marketing of your business or products. This becomes your unique selling proposition and opportunity to gain a competitive advantage in the

sector you operate.


What is it? It's the core of your business, product or service, and how you develop and apply this across all areas of your business 

and plan of action to create and leave the desired impression in people's minds.

Brand Identity

Your brand identity is everything your business, product or service communicates in the market and how it is perceived by consumers. 

The people, styling, logo, colour palette, typography, graphics/imagery, slogan/position statement, customer experience, building, brochures, uniforms, website, packaging, signage, displays, public relations, and advertising make-up your brand identity. A consistent brand identity

built from a sound communications strategy provides business the backbone to create a unique brand and positive impression.

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