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Eastern Dandenong Ranges Association

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A well thought out communication strategy should underpin the marketing strategy for your business & products.

Your brand identity is your unique selling point. To be successful it must effectively communicate with your target audience.

Best Promotions & Marketing

Brand marketing Consultancy


Sound research, planning, marketing, branding and promotion is essential to run

any event.


BEST Promotions & Marketing is a brand consultancy and project management business. BEST specialises in helping business with branding, strategy & events, to produce effective communications for business & tourism related activities. BEST helps you put your best foot forward to differentiate and promote the unique selling point of your business, product, service or event, and to build targeted customer loyalty. BEST Promotions & Marketing work with a team of talented specialists to meet your needs. Specialists in strategic communications, graphic design, advertising, digital media, interpretation & exhibition displays, signage & wayfinding, social media management, networking & collaboration, business strategy & strategic planning.

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You need to market your business as well as run your business. Networking & collaborating is key.


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